Installing UIFriend on Windows Vista

Installing the Licensed Version

If you purchased UIFriend before April 18th 2007 and would like to install it on Windows Vista, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have on hand:
    • Your UIFriend Software Key.
    • The Setup Program you downloaded when you originally made the purchase.
  2. Download the latest UIFriend Update.
  3. Install UIFriend using your original Setup Program. Be sure to uncheck the "Run UIFriend" box that appears on the final page of the Setup Wizard.
  4. Enter the Software Key when prompted.
  5. Run the Update Program that you just downloaded and it will update your UIFriend installation to the latest, Vista-compatible, version.

If you purchased UIFriend on after April 18th 2007, no special steps are required.

Installing the Trial Version

If you downloaded the UIFriend Trial before April 18th 2007, please download the latest version and install it instead.